FOR flowers of romance

It is just like wearing flowers, FOR flowers of romance will wrap you in layers of lace and tule.
What you really see through the shade of the delicate threads is the figure of the real women in clothes.
The personality won’t be lost or too direct because of what you wear. Neither the character of the clothes or the person will overpower the other so that the clothes will work in harmony with the nature of the wearer.

FOR flowers of romance
Director Takashi Okano

la fleur

A flower adds vibrant color to casual clothing
A flower adds visionary color to luxury clothing
One flower gives the outfit a whole new perception
One flower gives a million ways to explore the journey of fashion
One Corsage on a dress can reveal the persona and the personality

I am engaging in a world of the flower,
which has the power to blend in and bring out the beauty and the character of each individual person.

la fleur
Director Naomi Okano


  • FOR flowers of romance
    Takashi Okano
    Takashi Okano has a very unique background as a fully trained Kendo (=Japanese traditional swordsmanship) practitioner in his youth. Shortly after graduating from Osaka University of Health and Sports Science, he started his career as a talented pattern maker. He continued to improve his skill by working with many world class designers and high end fashion brands. Since 2001, he became an independent fashion designer for his own brand. In 2003, he launched his first FOR collection. Since then, FOR has had 2 collections a year.
    FOR is known for their luxury casual brand, with a floral-inspired deep philosophy.
  • la fleur
    Naomi Okano
    Naomi Okano started her career as a corsage creator after graduating Bunka Fashion Collage. She has been working with numerous fashion designers and companies. Many of her works were seen on magazines and runway shows including the Paris and Tokyo collections. After working several years as an independent creator, she launched her first ‘la fleur’ collection in 2003. Since then, la fleur has had 2 collections a year.
    la fleur’s corsages are known for its absolute elegance and supreme technique.