herb bouquet - col. off white

herb bouquet - col. off white
herb bouquet - col. off white
L 19.5cm W 13.5cm H 4cm

Care and Maintenance
This beautiful Corsage is made from white fabric. Each petal and most of the parts was
carefully cut, dyed and formed by highly trained craftswomen.
Water can create damage easily. In order to prevent it from discoloring or staining your
clothes, do not wear when it’s raining. Avoid putting pressure or scratching the Corsage.
And please aware that it can easily get caught on other accessories or bags. Once it is
deformed, it would be almost impossible to repair.
Please avoid exposing to direct sunlight. Keep it cool, dry and dark place.

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  • I have been exchanging letters with my friend who I met during my trip to Europe 27 years ago.
    They are about our journey, but it was actually more like portraying the “passage of time". We wrote about the “passage of time”, but it was more about our thoughts.
    Then I asked myself, " What exactly is this journey? "
    The answer I found in our exchanged mails is;
    The journey is my own calling.
    The seed is pure serendipity.

    This collection is inspired from the emotions and hazy scenery in my mind from the letters about the five cities.
    My friend and I have exchanged hard words in the morning and soft words in the evening. No matter how many years we didn't see each other, or even if I saw her the next day, our distance in our minds never changed.
    When we gave and received our words of the journey 27 years ago, I decided to unravel our life of spinning and weaving threads, then recreate them into these shapes.
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